As from today Saturday 13 June you do not have to ring up to play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays social events. However it is most important that you put your name and telephone number on the sheet provided each day.

For those going to the club to practice by them selves or with any one else you must sign and put your telephone number on the sheet that will be kept on the table beside the cupboard where the mats are stored.

These requirements must be adheared to or we will be shut down and fined upto $20,000.

So if you are caught not abiding by these rules you may be suspended by the board.

On behalf of the Board of the Moe Bowling Club.


Moe Bowling Club Update 10 June 2020

Hi everyone, a further update for the bowls. The greens will be now open through the day seven days a week for practice by individuals. This will start from Monday 15 June.

 Social Distancing and all the measures I have detailed in the past updates  still apply, with a maximum of 4 people per rink and a maximum of 20 people per green. You must still maintain 1.5 meters apart and use hand sanitiser. You must bring your own water, tea, coffee etc if you want a drink, no access to the kitchen.

Members are free and people from other clubs must pay a fee of $5 each to practice. Still no spectators allowed while bowls being played.

Social bowls will still be played at 1 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You will still need to book in for these sessions. Bookings on 0419302094.

The Moe Bowling Club has a new email address due to changing from Telstra to Aussie Broad Band, the new email address is We have had a problem with our internet lately but hope we are past this after a lot of work by our computer guru. If you have any issues with our internet please let me know. 

  Regards Noel Savige


Coaches Report May 2020
John Wasiukiewicz (Washa)
Own the Green – After COVID – 19
Thank you to President Les Stolarik, for his persistence and confidence in pursuing me for the position of Club coach and to develop the promising group of players within the club to the next level.
The position would be a challenge to me also, as previously my only input over the years was to just pass on general knowledge as learnt by me through my bowls journey.
I have to say I was disappointed with the outcome of last year’s men’s final.
Reflecting, I take full responsibility. I know I can do better.
What did I learn from this?
Analysing the season nearly everything was the same as in the past. We kept looking back. We have to focus forward. We must change from the old ways. We know how to lose. Now we have to learn how to win the big ones.
From now on its:
Change is happening, thanks to COVID – 19. Like it or not, it is so. We have to embrace it.
I recently read a couple of articles by millennials in the finance industry. They see a great future for them. It was heartening to “listen” to their enthusiasm and what they will do to accept the challenge of change.
Success is a journey.
The “Own the Green – after COVID – 19″ begins with change.
So, we take our eyes off the rear view mirror and transfer them to the windscreen.
Our vision is now forward and we focus there.
From beginner to elite. A plan to succeed.
Become the person (bowler) we need to be.
It compels us to make a choice.
Visualise that choice.
Allow the visualisation to change the old belief.
There is so much change we can cope with.
Start small. Basics. The ABC, stance, grip, delivery. Practice . Make it automatic.
How many members have picked up a bowl in their hand during this break?
Start now. Pick up a bowl everyday for a few minutes. What does it feel like? Bowl it into a pillow, if you have room, if not take it outside, enjoying the feel, the grip. Deliver it on the lawn or nature strip. How was your balance? Someone might see you practice, encourage them to have a go, the club may gain a member(s).
If we want to succeed we start NOW.
I can help you to practice at home so you too can ” Own the Green – after COVID – 19″. Feel free to give me a call 0408671506.

Club Coach.


Moe Racing Club – Invitational Mix Medley 5’s

1st – I. Caines – J. Woods – H. Woods – O. Lang – B. Hosking

2nd – B. Cole (Drouin) R. Price – V. Rodgers – B. Rodgers – T. Cole (Drouin)

3rd – T. Kuklinsky – C. Carmichael – S. Allford – L. Stolarik – M. Wilson

4th – F. Farrugia (Moe) G. Sephton – L. Sephton – D. Horner – P. Tatterson (Trafalgar)

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place


Winners of Moe Classic Pairs 2020

John Leitch (MMC) 
Jayed Leech (Moe BC)




Runners Up Moe Classic Pairs 2020

Todd Sharon (Caulfield Park)
Neil Webb (Clayton BC)






Men’s Singles Club Champion 2019/20

Jayde Leech








Mixed Winners 2019/20

Ted Kuklinsky – Allison Caldwell








Friday 2nd December

Moe 5’s 2019 Winners.
Ian Kirkup, Ian Hilsley, Scott Gillespie, Abe Roeder, Wayne Lynch

29th November 2019 – Past Presidents Day at Yarragon

Rohan WIllcock, Ed Davies, Bob Savige, Les Stolarik, Brian and Val Rodgers attended and Winners of the day: Brian and Val Rodgers and Les Stolarik.








Moe Lions Grand Final Winners at Drouin 2018/19 

Grand Final Win At Drouin 3/3/2018

Installing GEO Mat on new synthetic installation

Number 1 GreenNumber 2 Green is on track to be dug up and a Tiger Turf Woven Synthetic surface and base is to be installed starting on the 20th February

Summer Carnival Skins Pairs

Sponsored by Moe Taxis –
Ray Jackson & Jan Parniak

Winners are:

1st – Mike Arnold – Christine Forbes
2nd – Jan Rudy – Ray Jackson
3rd – Ed Davies – Lorraine Horton


Big thanks goes to Sandy Caines for running the day.
30+ competitors on a fairly warm day, with a nice cool breeze to make the day bearable for the player

2017 Moe 5s

Runners-up and winners of 2017 Moe 5s
Warragul L to R K Scammell,B Cappers, J Vickerman, N Arkarsu,D Stephens.
Morwell Club L to R R Witton, D Cook, R Smith, W Bishop, D O’Keefe

Mixed Triples

Moe Cricket Club Event

What a fantastic turn out, thank you to Moe Lions Football Club for coming over to visit we hope you had a great evening.
The Club is welcome back anytime.

On behalf of Moe Lions Bowling Club I would like to thank all the beautiful Team from the IGA Store, I hope you all had a fantastic evening and Hope you will come back again.

Moe Bowling Club has redesigned it’s shirts

Moe Bowling  Club has redesigned it’s shirts from the koala to the Lions logo, Maroon and Blue colour have been kept in keeping with the community expectations along the lines of the other clubs in the Town, Net Ball Football and Cricket Clubs.

We would like to thank our sponsors that made this possible, Moe Racing Club, Danny Edebohls Property Sales, Gippsland Suzuki, Latrobe Plumbing, and Steve Mayes Hairdressing.

Moe Bowling going Synthetic

Thank you to the Latrobe City Mayor, Minister of Sport, President of Bowls Victoria and President of WGBD.
Fantastic day had by all. This Grant will allow us to help secure our club both financially and ensure we keep going well into the future. It is a fitting out come for all the hard work every one has put in to achieve this result. We must thank the Victorian  Government and the Latrobe City Council particularly Karen Tsebelis and her team for all their work in achieving this for the Club.

Mayor – Kellie O’Callaghan

Minister of Sport and Recreation – John Eren

President – Les Stolarik
President of Bowls Victoria – Barbara Gilbert
Sports Minister – John Eren
Secretary – Noel Savige

Karen Tsebelis – Senior Recreation and Open Space Planner at Latrobe City
President – Les Stolarik
Secretary – Noel Savige
WGBD President – Michael Holroyd
President of Bowls Victoria – Barbara Gilbert


Tooheys XXXX Triples

Monday 13th February 2017 started off with a bit of rain early this morning, but that didn’t stop the players taking to the greens.
A big thank you to our sponsors – Tooheys
Also a big thank you to Stan, Scotty  and David for taking care of the greens this year.
A big thank you goes out to our lovely ladies for the fantastic lunch they provided.
And also I big thank you to Brian Rodgers who has done a fantastic job organising this event.
Also a huge thank you to Bill for all his hard work volunteering behind the bar.

The winners of the Tooheys XXXX Triples 2017 are:-

1st – J. Washa – C. Ward – J Lawrence

2nd – N. Forbes – B. Daly – R. Williams

3rd – R. Cole – R. Price – B Rodgers







Here are some snaps of the day –


Moe Bowling Club Classic Pairs 2017


Runners up 

Moe Skins Pairs

4th January 2017

What a fantastic day it was to start the season to 2017

Winners of the Moe Skin Pairs
1st: Noel Savige and Rohan Willcock (Moe Bowling Club)
2nd: Stan Sheedy and Chris O’Reilly (Moe Bowling Club)
3rd: Eddie Blythe (Cairns) and Tim Roche (Yinnar Bowling Club)

Some Photos taken of the day.

Finalists in this year’s Moe Skins

Finalists T Kuklinski,L Stolarik,A Caines,K Capper,T Comber, E Whelan

Finalists T Kuklinski,L Stolarik,A Caines,K Capper,T Comber, E Whelan

Winner Eddie Whelan. Runner Up Terry Comber

Winner Eddie Whelan. Runner Up Terry Comber

Some shots on the day

Moe 5s 2016 Finalists

Moe 5s 2016 Finalists

20161128_161244 20161128_161012 20161128_160947

Winners of Moe 5’s


The team was from Warragul. Names from left— B Crapper, J Vickerman, D Stevens, N Akarsu, & K Scammell.

Moe Bowling Club Open Day Sunday 4th September 2016

We had about 30 members turn up today including a few new members introduced to the Club, a bit of cold wind blew in on  an overcast day, and the greens are looking fantastic.

20160904_123523 20160904_123539 20160904_125711

A big thanks to Latrobe City Council for a grant to replace the carpet in the club room.



 Moe Club First Year Singles

Winner Rohan Willcock

Division 6 Finals


A big Congratulations goes to the Division 6 Teams on their victory over Morwell in the Grand Final for 2015/16 Season.
Here are some Pictures of the day.
20160305_143746 20160305_143854 20160305_144019 20160305_144616 20160305_144733 20160305_144744 20160305_152419 20160305_172143 20160305_173144

Moe Major Minor Results

1st – I. Smethurst (Drouin) G. Jonhson (Warragul) 6 wins +93
2nd – N. Brown (Heathmont) G. Gloury (Heathmont) 5 wins +69
3rd – M. Yacoub (Traralgon) M. Sutcliffe (Traralgon) 5 wins +36
4th – G Van Duin (Moe) G. Bruce (Moe) 5 wins +14
Best 1st – G. Van Duin        +8           G. Bruce
Best 2nd – I. Kirkup             +20         K. Mooney
Best 3rd – M. Weatherall     +10         D. Martyn
Best 4th – R. Marston          +15         R. Dykstra
Best 5th – G. Ingley             +10         L. Stolarik
Best 6th – B. Rennie            +22         B.Wilson

Toohey’s 4 X Triples



Runner’s Up


Some Photos on the day

20160205_134721 20160205_134726 20160205_134734 20160205_134746 20160205_134806

Latrobe City Council Classic Pairs

Thank You to :-
Latrobe City – Sponsorship – Peter Gibons
Latrobe Valley Express and Local TV – WIN for coverage
Early Morning Setup – Rob John and Arie
Umpires – Ian Caines Brain Rodgers and David 
Special Thank You to John Woods Bill (Barman) the Ladies and Gent for Lunches and Ticket Sellers.

Winners of the Latrobe City Classic Pairs

1st Place - Ron Burge - Inverloch and Daryl Major Phillip Island Bowling Club

1st Place – Ron Burge – Inverloch and Daryl Major Phillip Island Bowling Club

2nd Place - Ray Morrissey - Melton and Barry Ansett Bendigo Bowling Club

2nd Place – Ray Morrissey – Melton and Barry Ansett Bendigo Bowling Club

3rd Place - Nev Brown and Nick Dawe - Heathmont Bowling Club

3rd Place – Nev Brown and Nick Dawe – Heathmont Bowling Club

4th Place - Ian Smethurst - Drouin and Barry Anderson - Wonthaggi Bowling Club

4th Place – Ian Smethurst – Drouin and Barry Anderson – Wonthaggi Bowling Club

5th Place - Ian Kirkup and Mick Yacoub - Traralgon Bowling Club

5th Place – Ian Kirkup and Mick Yacoub – Traralgon Bowling Club

Some Shots of day 3

President – Les Stolarik President of Bowls Victoria – Barbara Gilbert Sports Minister – John Eren Secretary – Noel Savage

20160120_152306 20160120_152309 20160120_152332 20160120_162356 20160120_162413 20160120_162433


Congratulation to John and Hilda Woods winners of the Summer Carnival Mixed Pairs and runners up John and Denise Ryan.

Summer carnival Triples was played on Saturday 9th. Congratulations to Noel and Bob Savige and Rob Beecham on winning the event with 3 wins and 32 shots up. Runners up Gerry Van Duin Ted Kuklinsky and George Bruce with 3 wins and 18shots up.

Congratulations to the teams that played and won the Barry shield for Moe. A fantastic effort by all.


Singles Championships

Winner – Ted Kluklinsky


Runner-up – Ian Caines


 Moe 5’s Winners 2015
Team Warragul


Bar Repairs




bar bar1

Repairs to the floor and bar area begin on Monday 16th November. We apologise for any inconvienance caused by this activity. The work will be completed on Friday 20th all going well.



Green No. 1 Has had sand laid this morning with the help of Stan, Banger, Arie, Woodsy, Rohan, Rennie.
Thank you to everyone who turned up to help out.

Mitchell View Monthly Open Triples

The weather was a bit rough on the bowlers with constant drizzle and strong winds giving them a bit of grief.
Team Stolarik took out the day with a 6-21, coming in Second Team Forbes 6-11 and Best Last End went to Team Kerr.
Here are some shots on the day
P1030341 P1030342 P1030343 P1030344 P1030345 P1030347


Men’s Championship Singles

Today was a great day for the men’s Singles Round 1 – 2, here is a few shots of the day.

2 3 4 5 unnamed

Melbourne Cup Day

Handicap Medley Pairs Mufti – We had a small turn out of 6 teams, Team Horton took out the day with overall +12 win and John Woods picking the winner in the Melbourne Cup Sweep.

unna3med unname1d unnamed


Bare Foot Bowls Starts – Thursday 10th November 5:30pm

Come along and have a fantastic night, there is a Sausage Sizzle so bring a mate, for more information give us a call on 51273855.                                             IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0701 IMG_0700 IMG_0699 IMG_0698

The Rex Price Stand

IMG_5566 (2) 

Thanks to Rex Price and his helpers for building our new shade shelters. Money for this was kindly donated by Peter Black and the Friday night Raffles.